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Homicide Charges in Chicago, Illinois

A homicide charge will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life. Homicide cases are the most serious types of criminal cases. If you or a loved one has been charged with murder, it is absolutely essential that you have a qualified attorney help defend you. Murder cases, including those that involve a possible death sentence, require special skills and knowledge from your defense attorney.

There are different types of murder, with first degree murder being the most serious. A conviction of first degree murder has the stiffest jail penalties and does not allow for “good time” off behavior of your sentence. First degree murder is defined as the unjustified killing of another individual with intent.

The other type of murder charge is second degree murder. Penalties for second degree murder are not as severe as first degree murder however a second degree murder conviction still has long term, life altering consequences. Second degree murder is defined as committing an act that would constitute first degree murder without some of the intent that is present in a first degree murder charge.

If you have been charged with any murder charge, it is essential that you hire an experienced defense attorney to assist you. At Gevirtz & Born, we have been aggressively defending people against murder charges for over 30 years.