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Drug Crimes in Chicago, Illinois

If you or a loved one is arrested and charged with any form of illegal drug, such as marijuana (cannabis), cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin , crack (rock cocaine), ecstasy or other illegal drugs you may face serious penalties, including jail time in a county jail or state prison along with fines and a conviction.
The charge depends upon many factors such as:
  • The type of drug you have been charged with possession of,
  • How much of the drug you have, where you were arrested,
  • Do you have any past criminal activity on your record,
  • Was there a gun or other factors involved at the time of the arrest?
All of these factors lead into the type of charge you or a loved one may face and the potential penalties will affect many aspects of life, both short term and potentially long term.

Drug charges are serious and you need an experienced defense attorney to help navigate through these charges and aggressively defend you in getting these charges dropped or reduced. If you have been arrested and charged with any drug offense, call the experienced attorneys at Gevirtz & Born today.